Marvin Craig wrote a series of articles about his life.  These are a fascinating read, not only because they tell of his life, but they capture a snapshot of life as it was in the pre-WWII era growing up in Hawaii.  Provided as courtesy of his son, Bruce Craig.  Enjoy!

  1. History--Introduction
    Explanation and justification for all that follows

  2. A Member of the Craig Family
    This is where I fit into things as a member of the family

  3. The Day of Infamy
    An accounting of the events surrounding and following December 7, 1941

    1. WWII Notes to Sarah
      Written in October 1997 to help understand the war years

  4. The Pasture
    The grassy, wooded play area where boyhood fantasy and play were realized

  5. Lanikai
    The north side of Oahu, where the Craigs had their beach house, and many a summer was spent

  6. Domestic Help
    Those unique people who were a part of our household for many years

  7. The Rain-Drain Mortar
    A boyhood project in a "weapon of war"

  8. The Realistic Exhaust
    A boyhood project in realism

  9. Scouting
    Lessons were learned, character and leadership developed, and bonding fellowship established

  10. Dancing & Dates
    Mrs. Moots' influence on dancing: then and now

  11. Dastardly Deeds
    We were all "naughty."  So was I.

  12. Choices & What ifs
    It is always strange and interesting how we make decisions

  13. Fun & Games
    Remembering the toys and games before electronic devices.

  14. The Pineapple Fields
    Time off from school for the War effort: work and play

  15. Navy Days