Day 26 - Someone Else's Ancestry

Ahh, Homolovi is so peaceful and beautiful that we think we’ll stay another few days.  Kidding – only about the longer stay.  It really is a special place.  There’s definitely […]

The blog entries are thinning as our journey comes to an end. Now, it’s pretty much us making our way west. Today we’re back in Homolovi State Park, the campground […]

Day 24 - Freezing in NM

We took risk yesterday and tried another New Mexico State Park.  This time we lucked out.  Bluewater State Park is a campground nestled in some sparse NM trees sitting along […]

Day 23 - Happy Birthday!

While our hearts and minds are still with our ancestors, today was a travel day, and being Don’s birthday, we wanted to make it as celebratory as possible =:–) We […]

For the first time in weeks, there is nothing to share of our ancestors other than lots of memories, and boy do we have a head full of those. We’re […]

Day 21 – Olathe and Family

We had high hopes that we’d be able to find the death record for Arnold Murray. Not sure he died in Kansas, but it seems likely, even though he is […]

Day 18 - Never a Dull Moment

Today, being Sunday, super rainy, with nothing open, we figured we’d catch up on our laundry (which we did), relax, enjoy a bottle of wine and gather our ancestry notes […]

Day 15 – Soggy Soggy Indiana

Whooie, so much rain today — squishy, spongy, muddy.  Driving south west from Findlay, OH to Rushville, IN, we stopped off in pouring rain at still more cemeteries. Got to […]

Day 13 – Today was Marvin/Heck Day

Maple Grove Cemetery. Who knew two people could spend so much time in a cemetery? There are soooo many Marvins and Hecks buried here. We spent two hours in the […]

Day 11 - On Our Way to Ohio

Today was another long day of driving – leaving North Carolina and heading up over the mountains of West Virginia and into Ohio. It was strange, indeed, to drive into […]

Day 9 - Loving Tennessee

Wash, walk and ancestry prep day.  Lucky for us, our two nights were spent in a really beautiful spot in Tennessee.  

Day 8 – Snow!!

Even though we didn’t head up into the Great Smokey Mountains, we still encountered a snow storm. We tried to post a short video of Don driving in the snowstorm, […]

Today was a layover day as we moved from just west of Nashville to just east of Nashville. We were not enamored with our Montgomery Bell SP camp site and […]

Day 5 - Chillin' in Hot Springs

Ahh, a day of no driving.  All of our bodies (including the four-legged critters) begged for a good hike up the Hot Springs National Park hillsides.  It felt good to […]

Day 4 - Joy in OK

Lucky us this morning!! We met up with our whitewater rafting friends, Mica and Chris, for breakfast at this unique and fun restaurant, Waffle Champion. What a rare treat to […]

Day 3 - Still Movin' East . . .

Not too much excitement today. We awoke to a frozen water supply and frozen fingers packing up the hose and electric connections. Brrr. Coffee helped. And then . . . […]

Day 2 - New Mexico

For these first few days, we’re not doing much in the way of ancestry searching.  Our main goal is to get ourselves across the country so that we can begin […]

Day 1 - Starting our Journey

RV’s packed up and we’re off!  I’m not a big fan of selfies, but we had to document both of us heading out on this exciting journey. Zeus was a […]