Day 1 – Starting our Journey

RV’s packed up and we’re off!  I’m not a big fan of selfies, but we had to document both of us heading out on this exciting journey.


Zeus was a little freaked out with the vibrating rattle of the RV, but soon settled down — lying on top of his buddy, Pika.


it was a long day of driving — from Long Beach into Arizona, over the mountains and 60 mile east of Flagstaff, finally settling into the campground at Homolovi Ruins State Park.



  1. Hi Carol and Don, Would I like to follow your genealogy trail? Would I ever! I have been a genealogist for 37 years now with barely a day when I dont do something. I have written all my side up into books and presently writing up Max’s side, Also at the moment, my 3rd cousin Mia Farrow and I are emailing back and forth so you will find some new and interesting relatives I’m sure. Imagine my surprise to find Mia and I are related. Her story will be on Finding My Roots on March 8th over there and I supplied all her Australian side but she said they didn’t concentrate on our combined side very much
    Take care and hope you make some wonderful discoveries.
    love Vicki Cooper

    1. Wow, very interesting. I’ve done as much as I can via the internet, and now we are hoping to find more info when we’re on site. So much fun!

  2. When you were east of Flagstaff, did you stop and get your picture taken “standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona”?


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