Day 2 – New Mexico

For these first few days, we’re not doing much in the way of ancestry searching.  Our main goal is to get ourselves across the country so that we can begin that part of the journey.  In the meantime, today’s drive was interrupted with a delightful side-trip to Petrified Forest National Park, and now we’re settled in our campground in Albuquerque.

02-27 a

02-27 b

02-27 c


  1. Well this certainly gives me something new to do on a daily basis. I am very excited for both of you and look forward to seeing your progress, discoveries and photos of everything. Have fun!

    1. Great question. I’m guessing E. Cloyd probably did use trains because I think Auntie Myra was left with her grandparents for some time (at least based on census records), but we’ll see what we can find when we get to Findlay. I’m hoping E. Cloyd’s obituary we find in the library will tell us why he came out, and maybe even how.

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