Day 10 – Georgia in North Carolina

DSC_0783 revOur first real ancestry day, and what a wonderful day it was. We met up with Georgia Craig Nelson mid-afternoon. Georgia is our 2nd cousin; we share the same great grandfather, Robert John Craig.  She was eager to share all the stories and photos she had collected.  From Mom and Dad’s files, I had super pixilated pictures of Robert John Craig’s parents and siblings.  Georgia had much better versions of these.

RJ Craig Family #1She also had photos of siblings of our grandfather, Alfred Leslie Craig’s siblings, Arthur (Georgia’s grandfather), Vera, Gertrude and Robert Theodore. I remember Grandmother (Hallie) talking about Uncle Art, Aunt Vera and Aunt Gertrude, but I never heard of an Uncle Robert.  From what Georgia shared, he was a dentist in Baldwin Park, having graduated from UCLA and dental school at USC and was an avid cactus and orchid collector.

Don scanned all the new photos into our PC, so we now have a complete collection – which we’ll post once we get home from our journey.


      1. So glad that your trip is such a pleasure. Georgia is so pretty. Great picture of all.

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