Day 12 – The Kelleys Make our Day

What a great day of discovery. We set out to Fostoria, just north of Findlay, to see if we could find our G4 (great, great great) ancestors. The Kelleys used to live in Fostoria and are buried in Fountain Cemetery in that town. We were looking mainly for the grave markers for Ezekiel and wife, Rachel Kelley.  Here’s how they are related to us: Hallie’s father, Ezekiel Cloyd Marvin’s mother was Mary Kelley.  Ezekiel Kelly and Rachel South Kelley were Mary’s parents.

fountain-cemetaryWe first found the grave markers of several of Mary’s brothers and sisters, but we couldn’t find her parents’ graves. We searched and searched for probably two hours before thinking of looking in to see if someone by any chance had taken a photo that we could use as reference.  Sure enough, seeing the exact shape of the tall stone obelisk enabled us to spot it among the thousands of grave stones.  That was a pretty exciting find.

DSC_0836 rev

Expecting rain in the afternoon, we headed to downtown Findlay to see if we could discover more of the Marvins, Hecks and Kelleys in the Hancock Findlay Library. Hours passed with our eyes pouring over microfiche. Gheez, that was hard work. So much is mislabeled; we’d see a specific reference to our ancestors, and then the article just wouldn’t be there.  We did find an obituary for Ezekiel Cloyd, but it was very brief, adding nothing to our understanding of why he left Findlay. We also found an obituary for Mary Heck which is Gertrude Heck Marvin’s mother . That one was a bit longer and more interesting.

One quasi-interesting find in the microfiche was a listing of the death records. Before death certificates, death records were one-liners listing key information such as cause of death, location, parents, etc. We uncovered several Marvins, some Kelleys and a few Hecks in that resource.

Wednesday when we are slated to have a full day of rain we’ll be back to hopefully dig up more.

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