Day 13 – Today was Marvin/Heck Day

Maple Grove Cemetery. Who knew two people could spend so much time in a cemetery? There are soooo many Marvins and Hecks buried here. We spent two hours in the morning looking for all the Marvins that we had on our family list – Ezekiel Cloyd Marvin (of course), his parents, Stephen and Mary Kelly Marvin, along with his brothers and sisters.

The first and most impressionable moment in the cemetery was the mausoleum where Stephen and Mary Marvin are buried. Along with them in this cemetery is our great grandfather Ezekiel Cloyd Marvin and Stephen’s other children: Isaac Waldo Marvin and wife Ada, Harry Marvin (1 mo.), Mabel Marvin (age 3), Rachel Marvin (9 mo.) and Sarah Marvin (age 6). The mausoleum door had these Marvins etched in stone (the stone cracked), and a metal gate covering that door. We tried to get the Cemetery to open the metal gate so that we could see the etched names better – without success. But, just seeing that mausoleum sitting out there in the field, looking grand and personal was very touching.DSC_0840

During lunch, we realized that there were likely a lot of Hecks buried in Maple Grove Cemetery as well, so we compiled a list of all the rest of the Marvins and Hecks and went on a mission to check them all off before leaving. By late afternoon, we had visited 45 Marvin and 22 Heck grave sites. To give you a perspective of the size of this place, over 30,000 people are interred here. Oh, were our dogs barking (feet, not the good pooches waiting patiently in the RV).

DSC_0900 rev IMG_3127


  1. One HAS to wonder what happened that the children of Isaac and Ada Marvin died at such young ages……FOUR of them! (1 mo, 9 mos, 3 yrs and 6 yrs). But perhaps I misread and these were not THEIR children. Kinda creepy creeping around cemeteries, eh??

    1. Three of the children died within 3 weeks of one another most likely due to the cholera epidemic. We learned today while visiting the historical museum that horrible water and sewer conditions in 1848 were the major cause of the cholera outbreak.

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