Day 15 – Soggy Soggy Indiana

Whooie, so much rain today — squishy, spongy, muddy.  Driving south west from Findlay, OH to Rushville, IN, we stopped off in pouring rain at still more cemeteries. Got to visit as many ancestors as possible, no?  The two we visited today were both country cemeteries – grave stones sitting just off tiny country roads in the middle of nowhere.  In our first, Baughn Cemetery in Union County, Ohio, we pulled our RV alongside the cemetery (no real place to park) and briefly spun the tires leaving behind a HUGE rut on the soft shoulder.  One regret – not getting a photo of that beauty.

In Baughn Cemetery, we found the grave marker for Nathaniel and Abigail “Keziah” Stuart.  These are our G4 ancestors, related in this way:  Nathaniel and Keziah Stuarts are the parents of Joseph Stuart; Joseph Stuart is the father of Minnie Stuart Nichols; Minnie is the mother of Nadiene Nichols Murray and Nadiene is Dad’s mother. Not only did we find Nathaniel and Keziah Stuart’s grave stone, we also found his father, Joseph Stuart’s grave marker.  So that makes Joseph Stuart our great great great great Grandfather (G5), the furthest we’ve been able to go back so far. It was a badly worn stone, but it was clear enough to see that Joseph Stuart was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.



And on through the rain, we arrived in Indiana and visited another country cemetery, this time one way off the beat and path, Fairview Cemetery.  In this village graveyard, we also met our G5 grandparents, George Tibbets and wife Lucretia Doe Tibbits.  Here is how they are related to us: George and Lucretia Tibbits are the parents of Sarah Tibbets who was married to Arnold Murray from Maine (b. 1780). Arnold’s son is James Murray; James’ son is Arnold Murray (b. 1847 – we call him “Civil War Arnold”), Arnold’s son is Roy Murray, and Roy Murray’s son is our Dad, Roy Arnold Murray.  In this cemetery are also Sarah’s sisters and some of her nieces and nephews who died at an early age.


We settled nicely into a campground – relaxing in our RV out of the rain – still coming down in buckets.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be clear, and we have a very big day ahead of us, the James Murray house being the highlight.  We also hope to find the answer to the big mystery, “How did James Murray die?”

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  1. The butler did it in the pantry with a can of mushy peas.
    Looks like you guys are doing well, leaning and having fun.
    Keep your eyes posted on some good riding roads. Have fun
    and safe travels.

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