Day 18 – Never a Dull Moment

Today, being Sunday, super rainy, with nothing open, we figured we’d catch up on our laundry (which we did), relax, enjoy a bottle of wine and gather our ancestry notes to make sense of them.


Laundry, that was easy. One hour, three loads, in, out. Wine, not so much. Indiana has a law that prohibits wine from being sold on Sundays. WTF? What’s that all about? Lucky for us, we had a bottle of wine stored for a rainy day – which today was.

Several times today, we were in touch with Susan Hodges Gurley (2nd cousin) from Kansas and learned she would be out of town during our visit. But, Susan got us in touch with another 2nd cousin, George Langworthy, and we are planning to visit him when we are in Olathe, Kansas (where Dad was born.)


George directed us to a family photo website his son had created. Guess who we found? Our great great grandmothers – both of them!!! That would be Arnold’s mother/James’ wife, Evaline Elstun Murray – the one who lived in that amazing James Murray house, AND Sallie Winship Ferree, Mattie’s mother.  Once we confirm it’s ok to share them, we’ll put the link in our post.

It’s one thing finding the grave stones; it’s quite another making connections with relatives who have new photos of our ancestors.

Another great day!


    1. It’s Sunday in Rush County. Didn’t want to get caught by the Indiana alcohol police.

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