Day 20 – It Couldn’t be Great Every Day

We were on such a roll with the Marvins and Murrays that I think we got over confident. Today was Nichols day – Dad’s mother’s side of the family. I had not been able to take the Nichols back further than Hiram Harry, our G3 Grandfather but was hoping to address that with a visit to Butler, Bates County, MO. We figured that his death certificate from 1915 would surely list his father and mother. Today in Bates County, Missouri, where Hiram lived and is buried, we presumed the County Recorder would have his death record. Well, our luck finally ran out.

The county recorder informed us that most of Bates County death records were burned in a fire. (Not really convinced it wasn’t a ploy not to help.) When we mentioned his specific death date in 1915, we were told, oh yes those records exist, but they are in Jefferson City. Sigh. We had passed through that place 2 hours back. No way were we going to return. We were able to find his grave marker at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Butler, so all was not lost.

Next, on to Olathe, Kansas, Dad’s birth place. All of us kids remember Dad telling us that he was born at home on the kitchen table. I’m guessing we won’t be finding that kitchen table in our researching.

But, we will be meeting up with our 2nd cousin, George Langworthy and sharing stories tomorrow. We both have the same great grandparents – Civil War Arnold and Mattie Ferree Murray.


  1. It really does get interesting. As I have always felt “wish I could go back in time”
    You are doing an excellent job with your narrative.

    1. TY!! I’m with you. Always wanted to have a time capsule, and what we’re learning about our ancestors would be so much fun to verify.

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