Day 23 – Happy Birthday!

While our hearts and minds are still with our ancestors, today was a travel day, and being Don’s birthday, we wanted to make it as celebratory as possible =:–)


We had picked out a nice state park in New Mexico and the journey took us out of the southwest corner of Kansas, horizontally across the Oklahoma panhandle, touching on the north tip of Texas and into New Mexico. Except for one state park in Ohio, all of our state park stays have been fabulous, and we had no reason to think that Villanueva, NM would be any different. Boy were we surprised – and disappointed. It was a pretty scuzzy place and had no connections, not even phone, and one of Don’s birthday gifts was a planned conversation with his son, Michael. That was NOT to be missed.

After driving in, thinking for 10 seconds about the place, Don and looked at each other and said, “Nah” and turned around our RV and off we went. Tonight we’re nestled in a beautiful posh KOA near Albuquerque, enjoying a nice bottle of wine and RV beef bourguignon. I always say, you have to celebrate life whenever possible, and birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

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