Day 24 – Freezing in NM

We took risk yesterday and tried another New Mexico State Park.  This time we lucked out.  Bluewater State Park is a campground nestled in some sparse NM trees sitting along a beautiful lake.  No connected water, but electricity, and we continue to LOVE our $5 Walmart heater – because oh, the night was a cold one at 28 degrees.  Had to wrap the pooches in two layers of dog jackets and Zeus still insisted on standing directly in front of the heater.

IMG_0345 rev

Today we head over once again to Homolovi SP in Arizona.  We read that Phoenix is in the 90s.  Not so excited about such hot temperatures, but it will be a welcome change.  As we head into the Arizona area, for the first time on our trip, we’re starting to have trouble finding places to stay.  We were fortunate, however, to reserve our last night in Phoenix — and looking forward to seeing Mom’s cousin, Bob Marvin.

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