Day 26 - Someone Else's Ancestry

Ahh, Homolovi is so peaceful and beautiful that we think we’ll stay another few days.  Kidding – only about the longer stay.  It really is a special place.  There’s definitely […]

The blog entries are thinning as our journey comes to an end. Now, it’s pretty much us making our way west. Today we’re back in Homolovi State Park, the campground […]

Day 24 - Freezing in NM

We took risk yesterday and tried another New Mexico State Park.  This time we lucked out.  Bluewater State Park is a campground nestled in some sparse NM trees sitting along […]

Day 23 - Happy Birthday!

While our hearts and minds are still with our ancestors, today was a travel day, and being Don’s birthday, we wanted to make it as celebratory as possible =:–) We […]

Day 18 - Never a Dull Moment

Today, being Sunday, super rainy, with nothing open, we figured we’d catch up on our laundry (which we did), relax, enjoy a bottle of wine and gather our ancestry notes […]

Day 11 - On Our Way to Ohio

Today was another long day of driving – leaving North Carolina and heading up over the mountains of West Virginia and into Ohio. It was strange, indeed, to drive into […]

Day 9 - Loving Tennessee

Wash, walk and ancestry prep day.  Lucky for us, our two nights were spent in a really beautiful spot in Tennessee.  

Today was a layover day as we moved from just west of Nashville to just east of Nashville. We were not enamored with our Montgomery Bell SP camp site and […]

Day 3 - Still Movin' East . . .

Not too much excitement today. We awoke to a frozen water supply and frozen fingers packing up the hose and electric connections. Brrr. Coffee helped. And then . . . […]

Day 1 - Starting our Journey

RV’s packed up and we’re off!  I’m not a big fan of selfies, but we had to document both of us heading out on this exciting journey. Zeus was a […]